New School

I walk through doors,

holding my breath. Looking around,

I see no one.

Not even one familiar face

I was feeling alone,

not one person to talk to.

I see no one.

The classrooms were filled with people talking,

not me, I see no one.

After a long day of feeling isolated,

I find myself laying in bed,


Thinking of ways to talk, to not have to feel isolated.


Leaf Poem

My jagged edges,

My magnificent, bright colors that glisten in the sun.

I float freely from the tree I once called ‘home’

My colors slowly drain away as I sway down

or float around,

And just like children, I wait patiently for the snow

Just to restart again





World Hunger

11.3% (roughly 805 million people) of the world’s population is hungry. There are many causes of world hunger such as poverty,

The article “11 Facts About World Hunger”  says that there is an unequal income distribution within certain countries. A lot of families struggle with money problems and don’t have enough money to eat.

Every year a bunch of kids/babies die from starvation. In the article “World Hunger Facts” it states, “This year, nearly 9 million children younger than five years old will die needlessly, more than half from hunger-related causes.” It’s not just kids either, adults die every year from hunger-related causes too.

In the article “As Children Starve, World Struggles for Solution” it says, “The problem is not food, but how we distribute it.” There is also a lot of other reasons our harvesting of  food is decreasing such as the rise in droughts and hurricanes and the world is running out of raw materials. Surging oil

costs have also been a big problem. It has made it a lot more expensive to harvest food.

Black Mountain College

You look at me and you don’t know what to think. I see everyone walking past me like I am just some leaves on a dull orange paper. They think I am dull and have no meaning at all. No one sees me for what i really was, my bright red leaves have faded to brown. I want someone to stay and look at me longer, at least try and find out what Josef was thinking about when he made me. I have a meaning, why can’t you see that? There is so much more to me than what you think.

Leaf_Study_IX.jpg (3010×3491)

Josef Albers, Leaf Study IX, c. 1940


There are many different sounds everywhere. From being at the beach and hearing winds and waves crashing to being in a busy city and hearing the cars honking at each other. There are also many different sounds throughout everyone’s day. It could be different from the time that you wake up to the afternoon. It could be raining and you could hear the raindrops falling onto the windows, if it’s storming you could hear thunder. There are so many calm soothing sounds and then there are also so many sounds that people don’t like.  For example, scraping down a chalkboard, I know i really hate that sound.

Paper Towns

The book I have chose to read is called Paper Towns by John Green. In my book there are two main characters, Quentin and Margo. They have known each other since they were babies. Quentin has secretly fallen in love with Margo over the years that she became a “mystery”. One night Margo shows up at Quentin’s window and wants to go on an “adventure” and he agrees to it. Then, the day after they hang out she ends up missing. Quentin goes on a hunt looking for clues to find Margo. In my opinion, Paper Towns is a really good book to read if you’re a lover of realistic fiction or adventurous books.

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